Marilyn Atkey
A Ladner B.C. artist with works ranging from representational to abstract.

The Hawk and the River

acrylic on canvas 24 x 28 inches

also available as an art card.

not for sale

One lovely fall day I went to Harbour Park in Ladner to commune with the river. This is what the river told me. I later translated it into a painting.

"I asked river to tell me what it knows.

Silently it spoke to me as hawk soared so close I gasped.

Underneath the calm surface is a current so powerful

it is incomprehensible to the life it supports.

Hawk knows about that flow.

Go with it.

Be one with it.

Trust it.

It is your power, they both whispered to me.

Thanks, I said."

Marilyn Atkey

The Hawk and the River