Marilyn Atkey
A Ladner B.C. artist with works ranging from representational to abstract.

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Inspiring, honest and genuine - I really enjoyed my Co-vid escape to your website.
Evelyn Gibson - 5 Jun 2021
I’m delighted to see your wonderful work again, Marilyn.
Anita Boyd - 4 Aug 2018
I am a big fan of your talent and eventually hope to purchase another of your paintings. I've had numerous positive comments re use of colour and shadow on the piece I own. Your deep faith comes through much of your work. I'm glad I know you. Sharon Johnson
Sharon Johnson - 27 Mar 2016
Most interesting gallery Marilyn. An possibilities of Trumpeter Swans going in your Swans section?
Ted Hopkins - 24 Oct 2014
Lovely work, Marilyn. I like your style that, to me, blends representation with abstract design elements and even some whimsy! Very nice.
Catherine Taron - 11 Jul 2014
These images really capture the essence of Delta. I am sure that they take people to other familiar location but I know many of the places you are painting and seeing your work actually transports me there. Bravo Marilyn! Standing ovation : )
Tracy Neff - 27 Jun 2014
Thank you Marilyn Atkey, I like your paintings, the Eagle Paintings is cool,I am starting a small painting biz
Chi Granado - 15 May 2014
Hi Marilyn, Greetings from another ArtSites artist. I saw your work in the newsletter and just wanted to tell you how great it is! I love the swans!
Anna Clarey - 4 Jan 2013
Lauryn Martin - 30 Apr 2012
You have a Beautiful way of expressing yourself with your Painting....watercolor has such a mood of expression in itself. Soothing and Inspirational!
Pat Janzen - 17 Mar 2012
So enjoy seeing your talented work from wildlife to portraits. Your pets are terrific. Thanks & best wishes for continued sales in this market. B.Anne Ayers
Bev Anne Ayers - 15 Feb 2012
love your animal portraits.
Sarah Beese - 1 Nov 2011
Finally looked at your work and am totally won over by your work particularly with wild life and natural scapes. Even more vivid now I have met you. Come over to Victoria and visit us and we can walk around the beautiful land here. Luv M
Maureen Milgram Forrest - 19 Sep 2011
Thanks so much for sharing your gallery with me. So many of your paintings speak to me, Ripple II and Why Do We Wander... and Acceptance, for example, and the eagles on Hornby, that I hesitate to choose favourites. I look forward to seeing them in person some day; unfortunately I saw your message too late for today!
Judy Truelove - 17 Jul 2010
OMG! You didn't tell me what a talented lady you are!! I look forward to seeing you and your art.
Joan (Atkey) Campbell - 17 Jun 2010
Marilyn, I see an impressive depth and presence in some of your animal and tree paintings. Some of the portraits are kinda haunting and have such strong unspoken messages, to me any way. Well done lady. Peace
Diana Galbraith - 20 Mar 2009
I'll have to come back for a longer visit. Today I enjoyed, "Why do we wander so far from home." cheers, Falcon
Falcon o'Hara - 12 Mar 2009
Wonderful !!!
Patricia Cohoe - 25 Feb 2009
Your wildlife oil paintings are just wonderful!! They are so alive and fluid...what a wonderful gift.
Jacqueline Robinson - 4 Oct 2008
enjoyed looking at your work. Thanks
Ron Unruh - 2 Sep 2008
I am so blessed to be in the company of such talent. Your work is so warm and vivid, so creative and diverse -- how beautiful it speaks volumes to the visual heart! Thank you for sharing. Shelley
Shelley Harris - 14 Jan 2008
Love the Hawk! Your work is really growing on me!
Lark Bowerman - 4 Oct 2007
I really enjoyed your waterscapes. I've been fascinated with the images of water reflections and have wanted to capture the multiple levels that are always visible at once. Thanks for the inspiration.
DJB -11-AUG-2007 - 11 Aug 2007
Enjoyed your work. Your sense of color and abstracted expression were very calming. After seeing your work, I decided to join this website as well. Good luck in all you do - katherine
katherine miles - 18 Jun 2007
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